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Library Computer Labs

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What do I need to log in?

You'll need to have this information handy to login:

1.  Your A# (also known as your Banner ID): It is an 8-digit number that begins with a capital A. The letter A is part of the ID. This is your student or university ID number.

2.  Your Charger ID: It is the text listed to the left of the @ sign in your UAH email address. Typically the format of your Charger ID consists of your three initials followed by a 4 digit sequence number (e.g., atw0001).

3.  If you do not have a Charger ID card (i.e. guests), you will need your library guest card # to login to the library computers.

Why do I have to log in?

The UAH Library offers access to a wide variety of resources. For security and verification reasons, many of these require a user name and/or password to access. Not all services use the same login information, so it is important to understand the differences. This guide explains the procedures for logging in to some of the most commonly used library resources.

Charger Blue logging in to a library computer