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Finding Books & Ebooks About Sociology in the UAH Library - 04Jan2018

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Relevant call numbers for Sociology.

HM 1-1281                            Sociology

HM435-477                           History of sociology.  History of sociological theory

HM461-473                           Schools of sociology.  Schools of social thought

HM481-554                           Theory.  Method.  Relations to other subjects

HM621-656                           Culture

HM661-696                           Social control

HM701                                    Social systems

HM706                                    Social structure

HM711-806                            Groups and organizations

HM756-781                            Community

HM786-806                            Organizational sociology.  Organization theory

HM811-821                            Deviant behavior.  Social deviance

HM826                                     Social institutions

HM831-901                             Social change

HM1001-1281                         Social psychology

HM1041-1101                         Social perception.  Social cognition, Including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype

HM1106-1171                         Interpersonal relations.  Social behavior

HM1176-1281                         Social influence.  Social pressure

Foundational Texts - Before 1950

Foundational Texts - Post 1950