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Women in Antiquity

This is a helpful guide to locate scholarly resources for the Art History course entitled Women in Antiquity.

Scholarly Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles can be found through the use of a bibliography published as a book, a bibliography included as reference in a book or journal article, or an index.  To locate journal articles about Women in Antiquity, try the following from both electronic and print sources.

Online Databases located on the Library webpage (

   JSTOR---full text scholarly journals in the Humanities

   Project Muse--full text scholarly journals published by Johns Hopkins, including Arethusa

 Print Indexes located in the Library

     Art Index---located C2 (central wing, second floor of the library) Shelved alphabetically.

   An Annotated Bibliography of Greek and Roman Art, Architecture, and Archaeology--located N2 (north wing, second floor of the library)  Call number N5605 .A05 C68

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae---located S1 (south wing, first floor of the library)  Call number N7760 .L49 1981.


Books and EBooks


Search the library catalog to find the extent of holdings.  Use suggested subject headings listed in call number range.  More subject headings can be found in the Library of Congress Subject Headings volumes behind the reference desk at the library.  Use a keyword search to broaden the results.

For a subject search, use the phrase Women History to 500.  Results include books like:  Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World with a call number of  HQ1127 .S25 2001 and located in the Reference section on Floor S1.

 For a keyword search, use a Boolean phrase such as Women and antiquity.  Results include books like:  Greek Virginity with a call number of DF93 .S5313 1990 and located on the Second Floor, N2.

  Call Number Range

The following list of subject headings with associated call numbers may be helpful to locate books.  Check Library of Congress Subject Headings volumes to find other subject headings.


Art, Classical N5610-                                      Rome, Civilization CB351-CB355

Architecture, Classical NA270-NA340            Rome, History DG61-DG365                     

Social History, Classical HN9-HQ1139              Women, History  HQ1127-HQ1139



The New Century Classical Handbook          DE5 .N4                       Location:  N2

The Oxford Classical Dictionary                     DE5 .O9                       Location:  N2

The Oxford companion to classical civilization           On-line material through catalog
The Oxford dictionary of classical myth and religion   BL715 .O94 2003          Location:  N2

Harper's Dictionary of Classical Literature and Antiquities DE5 .P36 1962      Location:  N2

Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Classical World        DE5 .Y6                              Location:  N2

Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire DG270 .B86 1994                         Reference: S1

Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women: Notable Women from Sappho to Helena

HQ1136 .L54 2000                                 Reference: S1

Who's Who in the Ancient World: A Handbook to the Survivors of the Greek and Roman Classics

DE7 .R33 1973                                       Location:  N2

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) N7760 .L49 1981       Reference: S1



Atlas of the Roman World                                  DG77 .C597 1983                   Location:  N2

Atlas of Classical History                                  G1033 .A833 1985               Reference: S1 and EBOOK

Atlas of the Greek and Roman world in Antiquity        G1033 .A84 1981   Location:  N2

The Mapping History Project is maintained by the University of Oregon

Journal Titles

Use this feature to check library subscription for any journal title.  Go to

Choose Journals. Type in the journal title to check coverage and location (print or electronic).

American Journal of Archaeology Print 1960-current; Electronic JStor 1897-2000

Archaeological Reports Electronic JStor 1954-2005

Arethusa 1996-current

Classical Antiquity 1992-current

The Classical Journal 1967-current

Classical Quarterly Electronic JStor 1907-2002

The Classical Review Electronic JStor 1887-2002

Comparative Literature 1951,1953,1956-current

Journal of Roman Studies Print 1998-current; Electronic JStor 1911-2002

Journal of Roman Archaeology 2001-current

Web Sites

Classical Myth:  ancient texts (images).


Encyclopedia Mythica:  Descriptions of Roman gods.


Ancient Rome through Art History Resources by Chris Witcombe, Sweetbriar College.


Perseus: The Perseus Classics collection is an integrated collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world.


 Maecenas: searchable site of photographs of Greece and Rome (images).


 Beazley Archive: Sir John Beazley, Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, created a personal archive of material relating to the study of classical archaeology and art, and is now held in the Ashmolean Musuem.  The photographs of Athenian vases are the largest archive of this class in the world and were the basis of Beazley's life work.


 Diotima:  Serving as an interdisciplinary resource for anyone interested in patterns of gender around the ancient Mediterranean, Diotima includes a searchable bibliography and many journal articles.   


Internet Women's History Sourcebook contains translations of primary texts by and about women.