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New Academic Year Resolutions, 2020-2021

What are your New [Academic] Year Resolutions? Submit yours to be added to our list or browse the ones already posted.

Resolution Rules

  • Resolutions are text words only (50-200 characters will be best).
  • You can submit more than one resolution. Complete duplicates will be discarded, though.
  • Self-marketing may be deleted (attempting to link to products, brands, etc).
  • Resolutions are subject to moderation for various reasons. 
  • Resolutions can be serious or funny or whatever you want. Technically, they don't even have to be a resolution. You could submit a favorite quote, a riddle, whatever you like.
  • Resolutions will be combined with a random background image (potentially to hilarious results), fonts from Google's library, and other various other effects. Background images will be semi-randomly created using Pixabay stock-art. Some care will be taken to make the final result look not too terrible.
  • Resolutions can be anonymous or signed. Name will be listed exactly as written.
  • Resolutions will be generally considered "public domain" once posted. 
  • Select resolutions may be also posted to our Instagram story. 
  • If you wish to submit a non-text [i.e., fully designed] resolution, that's possible. Email and he will look at it. It should be 1280x720 (at least in 16:9) and is subject to all the rules, above.

If you have any questions or comments or need to update/delete a resolution you submitted, email