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WLC-204: International Cinema

Selected books from the UAH library's collection

Below are just a few of the books and e-books available in the library's collection that may be helpful in your research.  You may want to try the search tool if you are looking at one of our e-books or consult the index for the print titles.  However, just because your particular film is not mentioned, that does not mean it will not be a good resource!  Many of these books mention cultural themes from that country's cinema history that may be present in the film you are researching.

For a more exhaustive search, please go to our library catalog and try search terms like:

"Motion pictures France" (or Germany, Russia, Spain, Israel, etc.)

Interlibrary Loan candidates

If you get started on your research now, you might be able to Interlibrary Loan some of these wonderful books!  Previews available at

Liked the movie? Try the book!

Don't forget about the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library (HMCPL)!  Below are selected titles from their collection.  All residents of Madison County may get a free library card at HMCPL - UAH students are eligible, too!  Once you have your card, you can place holds on these items and they will send them to your preferred library branch!