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Library Computer Labs

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Log Ins

Log into the UAH domain with your Charger ID (it is the first part of your UAH e-mail address) and Charger password. Visit this page for more information about your Charger ID and password. 

If you are not a student or faculty or staff, you will need a Guest Account.

Rules & Conduct

  • The Info Arcade computers are primarily for student use to complete assignments. Limit your time to 30 minutes if others are waiting, and refrain from recreational use. The computer stations near the coffee shop are suitable for browsing needs.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • You will not be able to install software on the computers. This includes software bundled with textbooks or downloaded from class websites. Check the software available, because many of the primary software needs have already been met. If there is software absolutely needed for a class but is not offered in one of the labs (not just the info arcade), then have your professor contact the library.
  • No Food. No Drinks. No Tobacco Products (including smokeless).
  • The info arcade is not a quiet study area, but refrain from using cellphones or having loud or extended discussions. Headphones are not provided, but you can bring your own. If others can hear what you hear through your headphones, that is too loud and you will be asked to turn it down.
  • Do not abuse the equipment. Any of it.
  • Any illegal activity (from p2p downloads to surfing questionable sites) will be associated with your account and you will be held responsible. Do not share your account information because this is still held against you.
  • It is your responsiblity to the know the copyright status for any materials printed or copied. By using those services, you assert that you have the right to do so.

Guest Accounts

If you are guest, we offer a guest account at the cost of $50 per three months (for $75, can be upgraded to include circulation rights). Bring a Photo ID. This is not pro-rated, so you are not able to buy in for only a weekend. You may not transfer your guest account to another user. It will be associated with your name and all activity on it will be your responsibility. 

For Lifetime Learners, local high-school users, and others, there are discounted plans for obtaining a card. See the full Obtaining a Card guide to see the various categories. If you are a UAH Alumni, guest access is free! See blog post for more details.