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Our printing set-up requires a few steps to complete.

  1. When you choose to print, you will often be given an option of which printer to use. This might be a drop down box or it might be a series of icons. LIB BW 1 and LIB BW 2 are our black and white printers and LIB COLOR is our color printer*. The other options are often "document writers" are are probably not what you need (you'll know if you need it).
  2. It will ask for a library ID number. Enter your A-number, including the letter A. If you are a guest, then enter the number from the front of your guest card.
  3. After it gives you a cost, and then submits it, click OK, and then head over to the station in the back left next to the printers.
  4. Click where it says "Click Here to Release Print Jobs". Again, enter your A-number (or your guest ID).
  5. Click once (if you double click, it will ask for a staff password) until the print job turns blue and then click print. Choose from your payment options.
  6. If you are paying with FLEX, then choose "Pay from Blackboard" and swipe your card. Do not swipe it too fast, or it will not completely read it. As an important note, you are not charged for your print job until this point in time. If you send something to the print terminal accidentally, you can leave it alone and it will eventually purge from the system.

* If the option you want is not there, if you save your work to your desktop and log out and then log on to a nearby computer, it should work. Sometimes the computers have to be restarted to refind the printer.

Printing Costs

Black 'n White (Greyscale)

  • $0.10 per page


  • $0.30 per page

Note: our printers do support multiple pages per sheet, but do no support printing front-and-back.

Flex Accounts

To use your Charger Card for printing (or photocopying), you must have a FLEX account established. To activate FLEXaccount on your Charger Card call 824-2720 or 824-2719 or go to the University Center room 147. 

You may add money* to your account at the value transfer station located in the Library, near the restrooms on S1 (South Wing, first floor). Just look for the box above the copiers. Press "Deposit Money to Account", then swipe your card. Choose if you want a receipt. Then insert bills* until done. Press Done and wait to see confirmation of amount added.

Note that you are unable to get money back, so if you put $5 on your card, you will not be able to print $0.30 and then get $4.70 back in cash. Plan ahead.

* Bills only, the machine is unable to take either change or debit/credit card transactions.

Large Volume Printing








located in the Business Services Building

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.