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History of Technology

History of Technology

Searching the Library Catalog

Books, both printed and online, are found by searching the library's online catalog, Primo Pathfinder.  For a general overview of the library's collection on a specific topic, use the Any Field or Subject Search options.  If you know the author or title of the book, use those fields.  If your search gives you too few results, please contact the Library's Research Help Desk for assistance refining your search strategy.

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Browsing the Library Shelves

Here is a list some of the Library of Congress call numbers that have the topic of technology.  

These call number ranges will allow you to go to the shelves and browse through the books.

Call number ranges

C- Auxiliary Sciences of History

            CB478 - History of Civilization -Technology

            CB481 - History of Civilization - War and civilization

           CB482 - History of Civilization - Water and civilization

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

               GN406‑442 Technology.  Material culture (Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc.)

Q - Science

            QA - Mathematics

            QB - Astronomy

            QC - Physics

            QD - Chemistry

            QE - Geology

            QH - Natural History

            QK - Botany

            QL - Zoology

            QM - Human Anatomy

            QP - Physiology

            QR - Microbiology

R - Medicine

            R855-855.5 Medical technology

            R856-857 Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation

            R858-859.7 Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics

T - Technology

            TA - Engineering (General). Civil engineering.

            TC - Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering

            TD - Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

            TE - High engineering. Roads and pavements

            TF - Railroad engineering and operation

            TG - Bridge engineering

            TH - Building construction

            TJ - Mechanical engineering and machinery

            TK - Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering

            TL - Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics

            TN - Mining engineering. Metallurgy

            TP - Chemical technology

            TR - Photography

            TS - Manufactures

            TT - Handicrafts. Arts and crafts

            TX - Home economics

U - Military Science

            UC - Maintenance and transportation

            UD - Infantry

            UE - Cavalry. Armor

            UF - Artillery

            UG - Military engineering.

V - Naval Science

            VC - Maintenance

            VD - Naval seamen

            VE - Marines

            VF - Naval ordnance

            VK - Navigation

            VM - Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering


Suggested Search Terms

Subject Search Terms (not all inclusive)

You can search the Word or Phrase field or the Subject field for these terms to find books on your subject.

NOTE: This is not an all-inclusive field.

  •  Airplanes
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Computers
  • Construction
  • Electric utilities
  • Engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Industry
  • Industry and Trade
  • Life Sciences
  • Military Art and Science
  • Military Weapons
  • Medieval technology
  • Nature
  • Naval Art and Science
  • Optics
  • Radio
  • Surveying
  • Technological innovations
  • War
  • Water


This is a list of some of the series found in the library.  To locate books in these series, just search the series field in the online catalog.

   1. Bibliographies of the history of science and technology

   2. Contributions from the Museum of History and Technology

   3. IEEE History of Technology

   4. Dibner Institute studies in the history of science and technology

   5. History, humanities, and new technology

   6. History of American Science and Technology

   7. History of technology

   8. History of technology monographs

   9. Johns Hopkins studies in the history of technology

   10. MIT Press paperbacks in the history of science & technology

   11. Museum of history and technology

   12. Routledge studies in the history of science, technology, and medicine

   13. Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology

   14. Society for the history of technology

   15. Technology and change in history

   16. Transformations: studies in the history of science and technology

   17. War, technology, and history