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Biotechnology Science and Engineering

A LibGuide for B.S.E. students.

Important Note regarding SciFinder database (CAS)

NOTE: If you plan to use the new and updated SciFindern database (AKA "Scifinder-n" on web pages that don't support the superscript " n "), please note that this is available ONLY for current UAH students/faculty/staff.

If you are a UAH student, you can set up an account through this link.

Visit our SciFinder Library Guide for more information about using this resource.




NOTE: Because SciFindern is the new interface from CAS (released in 2022), they recently provided a series of free webinars to introduce how to use the SciFindern interface.

If you are interested in viewing any of the recorded webinars - or to access their other training materials - you can find that menu here.

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Subject-Specific Databases

Additional Journal Articles and Documents

In addition to the above box containing discipline-specific databases, the UAH library has an overall list of 300+ databases (link). Within that overall list, it is possible to view a shorter subset of databases (link) that may be useful across many areas of engineering.

Also, some of the following may be of use in your coursework: