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Article Galaxy Scholar

This guide provides an overview of the Article Galaxy Scholar tool and how to use it to access full-text scholarly articles.

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Laura Slavin
M. Louis Salmon Library
Office #338

What is Article Galaxy Scholar?

What is Article Galaxy Scholar?

Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) is a tool UAH Salmon Library uses to help students, faculty, and staff connect to scholarly articles from journals for which our coverage might be limited or not available. This services is a companion to Interlibrary Loan. It provides direct access to journal articles, usually within minutes, for research.

Access to full-text Articles

Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) will attempt to get students, faculty, or staff an article in three different ways.
  • PDF copy of the article

    • If AGS has access to an article, you will receive a PDF copy of the article via email.
  • An open-access version of the article

    • If AGS discovers that an open-access version of the article is available, UAH library patrons will be directed to it.
  • An Interlibrary Loan Request

    • If AGS does not have access to the article's journal, and if there are no open-access options available, then you will be directed to UAH Salmon Library's interlibrary loan form, with some fields already populated by data from AGS.

Additional Information

Additional Information

UAH students, faculty and staff have 30 days to download the PDF from the link they are provided in the email from Article Galaxy Scholar and the link can only be used twice. We do understand that things happen, so If the link was clicked on twice and you forgot to download the PDF, you can contact customer support with the order number and the PDF can be provided.
The purchase threshold for Article Galaxy Scholar is currently set for a limited number of downloads. Once that threshold is reached, students and faculty will be redirected to our Interlibrary Loan service.
All faculty, staff, and students have access to this service.