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EH-501: Technical Communication

Covers various technical writing tools such as blogs, online journals, webcasts and social media applications that will be useful during research in the EH-501 class..

Keeping Up With Research

Below is a suggested list of things to do to keep up with the world of technical communication

  • Join Online Research Communities
  • Review Conference Proceedings
  • Review Online Research Summaries such as ISI Highly Cited and Science Watch
  • Subscribe to Database Alerts
  • Subscribe to RSS Feeds
  • Subscribe to Table of Contents (TOC) Alerts
  • Use Citation/Reference Management Tools (RefWorks, EndNote, etc.)
  • Monitor Websites of Peers and Competitors

Useful Websites

Social Media Applications

Social media applications, or SMAs, allow technical communicators to network and communicate.

Intergraph Survey

Finding Fast Facts

Find Images and ClipArt

If you're looking for graphics / images / illustrations for an assignment, you might want to use these image search engines. Remember, if you use someone else’s graphic, you have to cite the source!

Software Help

The following Web sites provide assistance with specific applications commonly used in technical writing.

Tech Writing Blogs

Tech Writing Podcasts

Useful Tools