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UAH Library Policy – User Privileges and Obligations

This is the UAH Library Policy – User Priviliges and Obligations to Policies for the UAH M. Louis Salmon Library

UAH Library Policy – User Privileges and Obligations

UAH Library Policy – User Privileges and Obligations

1.     The Library will grant to a User in-house access to all book collections, to the Internet, and to such journals and online resources as are within its subscription ring, based on privileges purchased. 

2.     Pursuant to Federal Law (CALEA), all Users who wish to have access to public computers in the Library must register at the User Services Desk in order to obtain the required login ID and password. This registration requires the presentation of a current, valid picture ID, a current address, email address, and telephone number. Users may not share registration information or violate the registration process. Users must not infringe upon the rights or privacy of others or the integrity of the Library/University computer system and Users must abide by Library, UAH Campus, and AREN policies regarding the use of Library computers and networks. Any violation of UAH campus or library policies will result in loss of privileges. All payments are non-refundable. These policies allow for the utilization of resources available through the Library’s web pages, as well as the use of the Internet for academic and personal research. 

3.     The Library will grant check-out privileges for circulation items to a User provided that the requirements for receipt of a User Card are satisfied. These requirements include the User’s furnishing of a driver’s license number, a current address, and a telephone number; and either the User’s university affiliation (as a student, faculty member, or administrative or staff employee) or payment of specified fees.

All payments are non-refundable. Fee structures are subject to change quarterly without notice. 

4.     A user is expected to exercise reasonable care to protect and safeguard all Library resources that are checked-out to the User. Checked-out resources shall be returned within the period prescribed, and for any late returns, the User shall promptly pay all fines and fees imposed by the Library for failure to return resources when due. If a resource is lost or damaged, a User shall be obligated to pay the Library a reasonable fee for the repair or replacement of the resource. The User shall be further obligated to pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Library, including specifically those charges paid for the services of a collection agency or attorney, in collection or attempting to collect such fines and fees. 

5.     The Library has the right to terminate a User’s privileges if a User fails to comply with obligations set forth in this document or in other University policy, if a User furnishes false personal information in connection with the obtaining of a User Card, or if the University determines that termination is in the interest of the Library. 

6.     Parking Pass: UAH parking guidelines require all visitors to obtain a parking pass while parking on UAH property. Passes can be obtained at the User Services Desk inside Salmon Library.