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Reference and Information Services Department

The Reference and Information Services Department is dedicated to reference, instruction, outreach, and access to resources.

Digital Reference

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Types of Reference

We offer a number of different types of reference to fit your needs. You can come up in person, or talk to us on the phone, or chat with us, or email us, or submit your query at

Which one is best for you? This table discusses options:

Reference MediumLive InteractionRemote ReferenceSharing files/linksAfter Hours*
In Person
Phone voice-mail
Text sort of links only
Facebook links only
Twitter links only

Note, After Hours means that form of reference is available for leaving a query outside the reference desk's hours of 9a-5p, Monday through Friday. However, the questions may not be answered until the next day the reference desk is open. During active hours, the "after hours" form of communication will be answered as soon as possible, which can be from a couple of minutes to about an hour depending on number of questions in queue and such.

Privacy Note: many forms of reference will tend to expose your number, account, email address, etc to us as we're answering the question (it will show up in the from field, or the caller-id, and so forth). In most cases, this information will not be shared publicly. In cases like Facebook/Twitter, though, our profiles are public so anyone searching replies to our profile will see your question.

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