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Electrical and Computer Engineering

A collection of links and resources for student and faculty use.

EE/CE e-books

The UAH Library contains many e-books about Electrical Engineering and about Computer Engineering. You can click here to search the UAH Primo Pathfinder discovery system.

You can also view the e-books subject guide here for more information about e-books in the library collection.

Please note that the following list contains only a few of the e-books in the UAH Library.  You can click on each title to go to the record for that e-book, in order to view the e-book.

If your search does not find enough results, you can contact the library's Research Help Desk for assistance. (Contact info can be found on the Ask Us Anything! page.)

Recently-Added Library E-books for Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering


In Spring 2021, the UAH Library added the O'Reilly for Higher Education database to the list of UAH databases here (link). As described on some of our other UAH Library pages:

O'Reilly is a leading publisher in books about software, hardware, programming, design, certification, system administration, and many other topics. This online library includes the complete text of thousands of their highly rated books. It also includes access to O'Reilly answers to help you find answers to your questions by finding relevant sections of their most applicable materials.

Thus, this database would contain a lot of resources which may possibly be useful for Electrical and Computer Engineering.


In order to access this database, It is recommended that UAH users should use the O'Reilly link from the page listing the UAH databases (link).


When you first open the database, please note that it might display a message that access is granted by your institution, and it may either prompt you for your login name and/or for you to choose your institution from a list.

As long as you have clicked on the O'Reilly link from the page listing the UAH databases, you should not need to do anything more.

(However, you may possibly need to wait a second or two while your browser sets a new cookie, before it takes you into the database.)


Note: Also, for UAH students and employees who are trying to access this from off-campus, you may also be prompted for your normal UAH authentication / login.


Please note that, unlike many other e-book database publishers, the O'Reilly database does NOT allow for their content to be downloaded.

That is to say, the O'Reilly e-books must be read within their online interface.

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