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Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG)


The M. Louis Salmon Library at UAH recognizes that a strong, high-quality research library requires input and participation from the student body.  The Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) is a fundamental component of the library’s efforts to support the research, teaching and learning mission of UAH.  The purpose of the LSAG is to provide a formal channel of communication between students and the Library administration.


  • Discuss matters related to the Library, including collections, access, services, and present & future needs of the UAH student community.
  • Provide user input (first-hand and/or relayed from peers) on Library services & resources to support both graduate & undergraduate student research and study needs.
  • Provide input on Library polices & services, and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the Library.
  • Consider proposals for future changes in Library services.
  • Discuss effective communication between the Library and students: how the Library can most effectively communicate its resources, services, and plans with students; and how students can most effectively communicate their wishes, needs, and concerns to the Library.
  • Communicate information about Library services and resources to the UAH student community.

Student Members

The LSAG includes student representatives (both undergraduate and graduate students) from each of the UAH Colleges, in addition to UAH Library personnel.  The Library issues a call for applications to the LSAG annually or as representative positions become available. 

  • Interested students will be able to apply for available positions.
  • Student representatives can be nominated by student government (i.e., graduate students by the Graduate Student Organization, and undergraduates by the Student Government Association).
  • Deans and/or faculty can nominate student representatives from their schools. 


LSAG membership is by invitation.  Student applications/nominations will be reviewed by UAH Library leadership.  As needed (if graduate/undergraduate representation from a specific college is lacking), specific deans and/or faculty may also be asked to nominate student representatives from their respective college.  


Student LSAG members serve for a one year term.  Members in good standing who are interested in serving on the following year may be invited to do so.


For the student representatives in the LSAG, membership will be of benefit in the long run.  Membership in the LSAG will provide these students with crucial experience in multi-disciplinary communication, will increase their familiarity with research resources, and will be a useful addition to their résumé.

Additional Details

Several UAH Library faculty & staff members also serve on the LSAG, including David Moore, the Library Director.


The LSAG will meet at least once or twice per semester.


For further information please contact Ron Schwertfeger, LSAG Coordinator, at