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Mathematical Sciences

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HA - Statistics

HA1-4737                                    Statistics

HA29-32                                       Theory and method of social science statistics

HA36-37                                       Statistical services.  Statistical bureaus

HA38-39                                       Registration of vital events.  Vital records

HA154-4737                                Statistical data

HA154-155                                  Universal statistics

HA175-473                                  By region or country

QA - Mathematics

QA1-43                                         General

QA47-59                                       Tables

QA71-90                                       Instruments and machines

QA75-76.95                                 Calculating machines

QA101-(145)                                Elementary mathematics.  Arithmetic

QA150-272.5                               Algebra

QA273-280                                  Probabilities.  Mathematical statistics

QA299.6-433                               Analysis

QA440-699                                  Geometry.  Trigonometry.  Topology

QA801-939                                  Analytic mechanics