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Computer Lab Software

Current list of software installed on the computers in the Info Arcade and in the 2nd floor computer labs

Laptop FAQs

Connect to a wireless network
The laptops do not automatically logon to a wireless network. You must manually connect to the UAH wireless network or one at your home.
Click on the globe icon at the right of the bottom toolbar to find a wireless network and follow the instructions.
For best results on UAH wireless, choose the Eduroam option. Login with and your password.

License error
You must be connected to the UAH network for the following programs to work: Maple, Matlab, SPSS. This may apply to other programs as well.
- Logon to a wireless network. Then click on the Pulse Secure icon on the desktop. Click on the Connect button and login.

Windows Activation error
If you get an Activation Error for Windows or Office, you will need to connect to the UAH wireless network, either on campus or by logging in to Pulse Secure (see above). Licenses for Microsoft Windows and Office are on a UAH server and the laptop must connect to that server periodically to keep the licenses activated.

The software I need is not installed.
You have administrator privileges on the laptop and can install software. 
Go to for UAH licensed software. You can install any free software, or software for which you have a license.

What happens to my files when I return the laptop?
When a laptop is returned to the library, it is wiped and a fresh image is installed. All existing files, passwords, browser history etc. are erased.

I forgot to copy some files off the laptop before I returned it.
When laptops are returned to the library, they are wiped and all existing files are erased. There is no way to retrieve files once they are erased. Make sure to back up the files you need onto a flash drive.

Laptop Software

Windows 11 Enterprise
Office 2021 Pro Plus Pro
   Access 2021
   Excel 2021
   OneNote 2021
   Powerpoint 2021
   Publisher 2021
   Word 2021
Anaconda 3
ArcGIS Pro 2.9
Audacity 3.2.5
Gimp 2.10.34
Google Earth Pro 7.3.6
Keyshot 10
Maple 2021
Mathematica 13.2
Matlab R2022a
Microsoft 365
Notepad ++
OBS Studio 29
Pulse Secure
Pycharm 2023.1
Pyscripter 4.2.5
Python 3.11
R 4.2.1
Solid Edge 2022
SPSS 28 with Adv Modeling & Regression
Acrobat reader DC
MS Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Respondus LockDown Browser