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Recording and Presentation Practice Room


Teleprompter Mirror has a free, online teleprompter software. It is web-based, and can be accessed by clicking here. Simply upload your script as a plain text (txt) file, and press Play to begin playing. You can adjust the speed, size, colors, and other settings based on what fits you best. Alternatively, click the Voice Activated option, and your scrip will be advanced automatically as you speak. 

About the Room Space

The Recording and Presentation Practice Room is designed for recording and practicing presentations, video, and audio. The space has been professionally treated with fixed Auralex sound panels and bass traps and moveable sound panels are also available to ensure high-quality audio recordings. The room can fit 3-4 people in front of the green screen.

The room contains:

  • Green screen backdrop
  • Moveable presentation table and rolling office chairs
  • Computer with audio and video recording and editing software
  • Second, wall-mounted Wacom monitor for video feedback, teleprompting, etc.
  • Audio interface with multiple input capabilities 
  • Multiple microphones and microphone stands
  • Video streaming broadcast camera
  • Portable LED lighting with multiple color options and brightness settings