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Asian/Pacific Islander American Sources and Research

This guide looks at way to use Salmon Library and other sources to research Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans.

Finding Books at the Salmon Library

To find books and ebooks about Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans, you can do a Library Catalog search in Primo Pathfinder. By default, such a search will bring back (physical) books, electronic books, journals [note: at the journal level, not at the article level], and some other materials. If you want to narrow that down to just one type or another, you can either specify (in Advanced Search) "books" as a material type or you can perform the search and then, in the results limiter in the left hand column, selection such as options as "Available in the Library" (for physical books and physical journals) or "Full Text Online" (for electronic books and online journals), and then, under Resource Types, choose "books" (or other types that you might want). For ebooks, for instance, you would "Limit To" "Full Text Online" and "books".

To get you started, two searches (limited to ebooks) are below, using the main two search terms:

You can also use the search terms under Basic Search Strategies (either keyword or subject) to narrow down these subjects.

Important: By default, each new search will reset the limiters. If you wish to keep the limiters in place, hover over the limiter and click the lock icon or click the option that says "Remember All Filters". 


Help with finding Asian/Pacific American Fiction and Popular Non-Fiction

We've prepared a blog post about ways to find and located fiction and popular non-fiction books written by Asian American and Pacific Islander American authors (note, these are not necessarily books we have at the Salmon Library, but we do have some of these):