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Asian/Pacific Islander American Sources and Research

This guide looks at way to use Salmon Library and other sources to research Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans.

Databases Overview

These are databases and online resources that show up in our Salmon Library Databases A-Z list. With each database there is a short description about why it is applicable to this guide and to searching for information/research on Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans. When available, those database that have specific tools are given special highlight.

For each of these, see the notes under Basic Search Strategies to get ideas of keywords (and subject searches) to try. Those search strategies are good for the majority of the databases, below.

See Also:

Online Databases for Researching Asian/Pacific Americans

General Information Databases

These first four databases are more general information databases and could be quite useful early on in your search patterns. 

Newspaper and Historical Perspective Databases

These databases are less aimed at peer-reviewed research and more at newspaper and other historical perspective chronicles.

Literature, Arts, and Music Databases

These databases are often best approached with specific writers/artists in mind but can be used to find literary/music critique and so forth, as well as sometimes general reference materials about the person in question.

Other Databases of Interest

These databases include other ways to research the topic, from general reference works to government resources that might provide vital statistics.