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Student Research Repository

UAH Student Repository

Search Hints

By using the Advanced Search you can locate papers and posters that have metadata in specific fields.  You can refine your search by faculty, departments, title, authors, collaborators, colleges, and date.

The Advanced Search option is located in the upper right corner of the screen.






Click on Advanced Search to open another window.  This provides the opportunity to search on various field in the metadata record.

Advanced Search options.




Click on the dropdown under Enter Search Term to see the field selection names.

Field Selection choices



In the Description field you can search for:

  • College
  • Department
  • Faculty and Sponsor Names
  • Date

Example: You are searching for posters or papers created by students in the College of Nursing.

Select Description in the dropdown and the next field enter College of Nursing.  This will give you all the papers and posters created by students in that college.

College Searching







Search the DESCRIPTION field to locate papers and posters with the following information.

1. Mentor and the last name of the mentor.  Use this for the Summer Community of Scholars (RCEU and HCR Combined Programs) and the Research Horizons Day Posters collections.

2. Sponsor and the last name of the sponsor.  Use this for the Von Braun Student Poster Competition collection.

3. Advisor and the last name of the advisor.  Use this for the Honors Capstones (Projects and Theses) collection.


Searching for the menor


Department of World Languages and Culture






There have been some college and department name changes through the years.

  • College of Liberal Arts became the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences in 2015.
  • The Education Department became the College of Education in 2014.  It was originally a department in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • The Department of World Languages and Culture was once the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.