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Women Composers

General information on locating information and music by women composers.

Websites for finding more information

Modern composers often have their own websites with information about their compositions, recordings, articles, press releases, contact information, speeches, photographs, reviews, etc.

Professional recordings of these composers' music can often be found on YouTube.

The Library of Congress has information on women composers.  Search their website with the term WOMEN COMPOSERS.  You may also try the names of individual composers.

Library of Congress

Publisher websites have information about their represented composers and their published works.  Some will include brief biographical information.  Some examples are below.

  1. Theordore Front Musical Literature often features a composer of the month.
  2. Sheet Music Plus 
  3. Leupold Editions

Wikipedia is useful for locating brief information about a composer.  This can include biographical information, list of compositions, recordings, musical career, awards, and references to other information.

The Society of Women Organists is a large and growing group of women and men striving to achive an equal gender balance in the organ world.

On their website you can find:

Both are continually updated.