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MGT-363 Human Resource and Labor Relations Management

This guide offers library resources useful in research in the MGT-363 class.

Finding Economic Data

The U. S. Government provides a wealth of economic data from its censuses and surveys.  For collective bargaining research, start your data search with the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The BLS provides information of employment status, employment demographics, employment projections, earnings, work stoppages, and more..

Another key web page is the U. S. Census.  The Decennial Census is undertaken every ten years, but the Census has several other surveys that provide more timely data. Start with the Census to find industry information, income, County Business Reports, and much more. 

The Current Population Survey is a joint BLS-Census program that further describes the U. S. Workforce.  Use the CPS data to find worker demographics, union members, and other information on the U. S. population.

Several other government agencies collect data that are crucial to collective bargaining.  A good strategy that will lead you to the appropriate data collector is to search the annual U. S. Statistical Abstract.  This publication provides summary statistics on many topics.  If you find tables relevant to collective bargaining, be sure to look at the source of the data.  Then go to the web site of that source to see what else is available.

The Library subscribes to Lexis Statistical, which is an index of published statistics.  Search tables to retrieve tables on your topic, often from government sites.  You can also search publications to find compilations of statistics in print and electronic format.