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Clarinet Studies

Books, music and websites

Music for Two Clarinets

A selected list of Clarinet duet titles at the Salmon Library.

Clarinet Concertos with Jazz Band or Large Ensemble

A brief list of music for Clarinet and jazz bands/large ensembles found at the Salmon Library.

Clarinet Concertos (Orchestra)

A list of orchestral works for Clarinet found in the Salmon Library music collection.

Compact Discs, Recordings, etc.

Recordings for music students are available in the library. They are cataloged and given a call number. CDs are kept behind the Reference Desk. They cannot leave the building, but may be played on the equipment in the mezzanine area behind the Reference Desk.

Additional recordings may be located by searching the online catalog, iLink.  Search for the series "Classical Music Library".  There are over 350 recordings available online.

Also check the "Online Music/Podcasts" tab for websites that offer online listening and downloads for free or by subscription.

Solo Music for Clarinet

A list of clarinet music for solo clarinet and clarinet with piano accompaniment found in the Salmon Library.

Chamber Music for Clarinet

List of chamber music at the Salmon Library which includes Clarinet.

Free Sheet Music/Scores