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Statistical Resources

See Government Information page for extensive resources.
This site provides access to data from the most recent census at the state and local levels. provides access to governmental data sets with information ranging in areas from agriculture, education, to health.

ProQuest Statistical Datasets
Online service that enables researchers to build statistical tables and charts from multiple sources in a single interface. This online interactive statistical solution aggregates over 610 licensed and public domain datasets provided by over 55 sources. The DataSets product makes 16.0 billion data points accessible within a single interface.

National Center for Health Statistics
The NCHS provides information about the health of the population as well as disparities based on race or ethnicity, socioeconomic statis, region, or other population characteristics. They monitor trends in health status and evaluate the impact of health policies and programs.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
OFFSTATS gives access to free statistics from around the web on subjects including economics, health, and transportation.

UN Data
UN Data provides global statistics gathered by the United Nations Statistics Division. Users can locate information on education, agriculture, employment, and other topics.