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Mendeley - Groups

There are three types of groups in Mendeley. They are listed below.

Mendeley Web Library

Make changes to your Mendeley Library on the web by clicking on the "My Library" tab.

Note: Remember to sync in Mendeley Desktop to make sure your changes are active everywhere you access Mendeley.

Important Consideration Regarding Copyright

Please note that, as a UAH student/faculty member/staff member, you have access to the scholarly resources available through the UAH Library at In many cases (but not all), this also includes access to the full-text of those scholarly materials. 

Using a citation management tool (like Mendeley or Zotero) will provide you with a way to store digital resources for your scholarly use.

However, note that sharing those full-text attachments with other people may not be permitted by the publishers of those works. 


Throughout this UAH Library subject guide page for Mendeley, information came from several different sources.  Chief among those are the Mendeley research guide pages from Michigan State University Libraries (with a shout-out to Suzanne Teghtmeyer for her great documentation!) and also from the Elsevier library subject guide template. 

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