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Editing Citations

To edit citations, simply click on the field in the right editing pane and make the necessary additions and/or corrections. There is no way to mass change case of multiple fields at once; they need to be changed manually by either retyping or cutting & pasting into Word, using the 'Change case' feature, then copying & pasting back into Mendeley.

Remember to sync with Mendeley Web before you close Mendeley Desktop to update the online citations.

Bibliography Copy & Paste Method

You can copy citations directly from Mendeley and paste them into MS Word to create a bibliography.

  1. Identify the list of citations you want in Mendeley by using folders and/or tags.
  2. Go to View > Library as citations.
  3. Select the citation format you need.
  4. Highlight the cites you want by either
    • Crtl + clicks on the desired cites for non-adjacent citations.
    • Click + Shift on the top citation and click on the bottom citation for adjacent citations.
  5. Right click to Copy the citations.
  6. In Word, Paste the citations.

Bibliography with Added Citations

At this time there is not a way to create a bibliography without having an in-text citation. One workaround from Mendeley Support is to add the in-text cites into your Word document and color them white so they're invisible on white paper.

Mac - PC Differences

Certain elements appear in different places on PCs then on Macs.  Here are a few of the know differences.

Adding Files
Mac - File drop-down from the ribbon at the very top. The icon opens the file manager on the harddrive.
PC - Click the far left icon then select the method

General / Document Details / File organizer / Watched folders / BibTeX / Zotero / Connection
Mac - Top-most Ribbon - Mendeldy Desktop - click Preferences
PC - Click the Tools drop-down, Options

Removing URLs from Bibliographies Using the Word Plugin

You can remove URLs from a bibliography by opening Mendeley Desktop and clicking View Citation StyleMore Styles, and set Include URLs and Date Accessed in Bibliographies to Only for Webpages.


Throughout this UAH Library subject guide page for Mendeley, information came from several different sources.  Chief among those are the Mendeley research guide pages from Michigan State University Libraries (with a shout-out to Suzanne Teghtmeyer for her great documentation!) and also from the Elsevier library subject guide template. 

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