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Salmon Library Minecraft Server

This guide covers the Salmon Library Minecraft Server and lists the rules, tweaks, datapacks, and other custom elements.

Server Introduction

Naturally occurring "swamp village" with witch hut

The Salmon Library Minecraft Server is a slightly tweaked 1.20.x Vanilla/Fabric Minecraft server open to UAH students, faculty, staff, and alumni. You must be allow-listed to be added to the server. It is a semi-casual server designed for people get to play with friends, classmates, and librarians. There is no cost to join or stay a member of the server and people with different levels and styles of play - from people who focus on big builds to people who just want a quiet sheep farm - are welcome. 

The main server admin is Doug Bolden (, aka "wyrmis" in game). If you have questions, you can email Doug and ask. 

You must be on the allow-list to join the server. To join the server, use the Salmon Library Minecraft Server Application form (note: must use UAH email address to access/submit form)

There is also a Discord server that is optional for people to use: Fill out the form, above, or contact Doug if you wish to receive an invite.

NOTE: Doug will run batches of new applicants on Monday through Friday mornings. If you have applied and not heard back by noon the following weekday, contact Doug to make sure he received your application.

Server Rules

Membership on the Salmon Library Minecraft server is based on following the rules. The first rule is by far the most important. These are subject to change (and already have changed from their initial draft). It is up to the players on the server to keep aware of the current ruleset. 


Salmon Library Minecraft Server [and attached Discord Server] Rules:

  1. BE RESPECTFUL. This is a shared experience with people from a number of backgrounds, play-styles, and levels of experience. Do not assume any "unwritten rules" of behavior when interacting with others. 
  2. No malicious griefing or trolling. PVP is "on" but should only be used in cases of 100% mutual fun. If the other player isn't ok with it, then don't do it. When in doubt, contact Doug. If you do decide to have a mutual turf war, perhaps let everyone know so no one has work destroyed in the process. The amount of work that goes into a build may be a deciding factor if a ban is decided (e.g., breaking a chest left in a field is not necessarily griefing while wrecking a map room that took hours and days to make most definitely is).
  3. No spamming. If you have a Youtube Channel or Twitch Stream (etc) where you share gameplay on the server, that is fine to share but not repeatedly. You may share information about campus (and local) events and such, and are encouraged to talk about the campus and community, but do not do it to excess.
  4. No client-side mods that substantially alter gameplay. Optifine is ok. Schematics mods or basic building macros are fine. Do not use anything that impacts server performance by spamming packets, overflowing server memory, or helps with griefing/etc. Anti-cheat measures are mostly "soft" right now, but may be increased over time if needed.
  5. Move-hacks are generally frowned upon (this is a fairly casual server and such tactics should not be necessary to play) and any that create notable lag or impact others ability to enjoy the game may result in a ban upon continued usage.
  6. No hard item duplication that actually creates blocks [stuff that spawns in already lit TNT is tolerated as long as it is not used to grief or in such quantities it lags the server, same for carpet spawning for's fine until it's a problem], using overflow to glitch spawned entities, or similar high-scale glitches. When in doubt, ask. 
  7. The WorldBorder in the Overworld and the End is +/-40000x/z. It is +/-5000xz in the Nether. This might change (shrink or grow) based on in-game events. Do not use glitches/hacks to go beyond the worldborder and make Doug clean out excess chunks.
  8. Only one main account per UAH email address. Experimentally, we will allow up to 2 "extra" accounts. One of which can be an alt account if that account is used primarily for idling and/or for POV manipulation for streaming/recording. You may also use these accounts for friends. All friends must obey all the rules. Neither friends nor alt accounts may be used to bypass any rules on the server (including circumventing bans). This benefit will be in place for members who have been on the server for at least 6 weeks and have been in good standing and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis by Doug (see contact, above).
  9. Avoid any behavior that is otherwise a violation of campus policies. 


If You Are Found in Violation of These Rules:

It depends on the rules you violate and the overall impact to server stability, but you may or may not be de-allow-listed immediately. If you are, Doug will email you to inform you why and what steps might be taken to be allowed back on unless the behavior is deemed so petty that it was intended to try to invoke a ban. Essentially, the decision to allow people who severely violate these rules to return to the server is entirely up to the discretion of Doug [but generally, he is willing to work with people]. 

A Desert Temple at Night