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Salmon Library Minecraft Server

This guide covers the Salmon Library Minecraft Server and lists the rules, tweaks, datapacks, and other custom elements.

Server Tweaks/Datapacks Overview

The Salmon Library Minecraft Server has a number of tweaks and datapacks that alter gameplay. This is a list of all of them in effect.  There are a few custom crafting recipes. See the following box for more information about those. 


Vanilla Tweaks:

You can read information about VanillaTweaks datapacks on the linked website, or through the Advancement menu in-game (default hotkey: "L").

  • Unlock All Recipes.
  • Fast Leaf Decay.
  • Multiplayer Sleep (set to 20% of people in Overworld). 
  • Graves (lootable, last for 30 minutes, right click with empty hand to "open").
  • Cauldron Concrete.
  • Track Raw Statistics.
  • Armored Elytra.
  • Anti-Creeper Grief (and Damage). [considered to be in a trial period]
  • Double Shulker Shells.
  • Dragon Drops (eggs and elytras).
  • Silence Mobs.
  • Spawn and Homes fast teleport options (1 second activation, 1 minute cooldown, 1 home slot available).


wyrmis' base in the sky


Crafting Tweaks

You can read about the following through the in-game recipe list, or through the Crafting Tweaks page on the Vanilla Tweaks website.

  • Sandstone Dyeing.
  • Universal Dyeing.
  • Unpackable Netherwart.
  • Unpackable Ice.
  • Unpackable Wool.

There are a few custom crafting recipes that are accessible through this server: saddles, nametags, dragon egg to shulker shells, rotten flesh to rabbit hide, and poison potato to gunpowder. That last one is just to give the stupid poison potatoes something to do.

Saddle Crafting

Nametag Crafting

Dragon Eggs to Shulker Shells

Rotten Flesh to Rabbit Hide

Poison Potatoes to Gunpowder