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Salmon Library Minecraft Server

This guide covers the Salmon Library Minecraft Server and lists the rules, tweaks, datapacks, and other custom elements.

Server Tweaks/Datapacks Overview

The Salmon Library Minecraft Server has a number of tweaks and datapacks that alter gameplay. This is a list of all of them in effect.  There are a few custom crafting recipes. See the following box for more information about those. 


Vanilla Tweaks:

You can read information about VanillaTweaks datapacks on the linked website, or through the Advancement menu in-game (default hotkey: "L").

  • Unlock All Recipes.
  • Fast Leaf Decay.
  • Multiplayer Sleep (set to 20% of people in Overworld). 
  • Graves (lootable, last for 30 minutes, right click with empty hand to "open").
  • Cauldron Concrete.
  • Track Raw Statistics.
  • Armored Elytra.
  • Double Shulker Shells.
  • Dragon Drops (eggs and elytras).
  • Silence Mobs.
  • Spawn and Homes fast teleport options (1 second activation, 1 minute cooldown, 1 home slot available).
  • Classic Fishing Loot in a sort of trial period, and mostly because Doug likes to fish while doing server maintenance tasks. It might go away in an update or two.
  • Player Head Drops.

Note, due to member vote, previous versions had an anti-creeper-grief datapack. That has been removed.

wyrmis' base in the sky


Crafting Tweaks

You can read about the following through the in-game recipe list, or through the Crafting Tweaks page on the Vanilla Tweaks website.

  • Sandstone Dyeing.
  • Universal Dyeing.
  • Unpackable Netherwart.
  • Unpackable Ice.
  • Unpackable Wool.

There are a few custom crafting recipes that are accessible through this server: saddles, nametags, dragon egg to shulker shells, and rotten flesh to rabbit hide.

Saddle Crafting

Nametag Crafting

Dragon Eggs to Shulker Shells

Rotten Flesh to Rabbit Hide