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This guide assists students in finding information on nursing through library resources and the Web.

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Featured Nurse

Mary Breckinridge

Mary Breckinridge is known as the woman who founded family care centers and developed a model for rural healthcare.  She is the founder of the Frontier Nursing Service and worked to spread these centers across the United States to areas with scarce or no care.

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This Guide

Welcome to Nursing!  This guide will assist you with finding information in nursing, both through the library and the web.  Click on the tabs to your left to see the different pages in this guide and find more information on these topics:



Healthcare Websites

Video Tutorials

If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact one of the librarians through chat, email, phone, or stop by in person.


Suggested Research Process

Use the following steps to completely utilize all major nursing resources in the Salmon Library.

1. Select topic; understand guidelines or parameters set by the instructor.

2. Consult appropriate reference materials for a definition or background information.

3. Within Primo Pathfinder, use the "Library Catalog" option to locate books in the UAH Library. Most of the library materials in the areas of nursing (& other related areas) will have call numbers beginning with the letter R.

4. Check appropriate indexes for peer-reviewed articles, copy or print citations.

5. Determine if the Salmon Library has the periodical by using the Journals link from the library’s home page to search; check the Medical Library of the UAB School of Medicine library journal list (Huntsville Regional Medical Campus) and WorldCat database which contains more than 35 million records describing items owed by U.S. libraries and libraries around the world; each record contains library holdings.

6. Locate articles or materials available at the Salmon Library, Medical Library of the UAB School of Medicine (Huntsville Regional Medical Campus) or Alabama A&M.

7. Request materials not available locally through interlibrary loan. Allow at least 10 days minimum for books/articles.

8. Check for U.S. Government Documents materials through the appropriate indexes.*

9. Please ask for assistance at the reference desk!

* = additional information available at reference desk.