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Teaching English as a Foreign (or Second) Language

Effective Methods to Teach Writing in an EFL Classroom

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IPP Collection

The IPP or Independent Professional Project is a written thesis from the Master of Arts in Teaching Programs at the SIT Graduate Institute. Intended for second language teachers, it details a significant personal experience that is of interest and value to others in the profession. It may take the form of an academic research paper, a classroom-based action research project, a materials development project, an exchange group leadership project, or a language/culture study abroad project.

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Sandanona Conference

The Sandanona Conference is the culmination of the on-campus phase of the MAT program of the SIT Graduate Institute. Patterned after major language conferences, it occurs in the final week of the program. Students plan and present a professional presentation that explores in depth a chosen area in the field of second-language teaching/learning.

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