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Using Electronic Resources at the Salmon Library

A general overview of using our electronic articles and databases at the Salmon Library, including using our proxy server, our OpenURL, and fixing issues with troubleshooting tips.

OpenURL information

The Salmon Library allows users using third party applications, such as EndNote and other citation managers, to access the library's online resources through an OpenURL system. This page contains the URLs you need to use this.

Note, the following is intended for third party applications and will not work as simple web-browser links to get you the materials you need. If you are wanting to search the library's resources, then click here to access Primo Pathfinder.

The Salmon Library OpenURL: 


The Salmon Library Proxy Server (also called "authentication URL" in some applications), if needed

  • or, on some systems
    • with ?url= entered as a "connector" 

In some cases, you might need to combine the two together (though it is recommended you start with just the OpenURL and do a test search):