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The UAH Archives and Special Collections

Finding Aids for Archival Collections

Collection List A-Z

UAH Special Collections and Archives holds the following archival collections:

Note: Links open Finding Aids, where available. A Finding Aid Search is available here.

Aircraft Engine Historical Society Collection
Apollo 11 Launch film
Apollo 14 Collection
Apollo Collection
Apollo Soyuz Collection
Apollo Telescope Mount Collection
Aria, Morris Collection
Bankhead, Tallulah Collection
Belew, Leland F. Collection
Bensko, John Jr. Collection
Betsinger, Don - Diary
Bowman, David Collection
Braun, Brigadier General Julius Collection
Broussard, Peter H., Jr. Collection
Burwell Family Collection
Chassay, Roger Collection
Christensen, David Collection
Clem, Robert Collection
Coleman, Anne Collection of Research Material
Colley, Clay Collection
Conard, Gertrude Collection
Cramer, Robert "Bud" Collection
Dallas Manufacturing Company Collection
Dankhoff, Walter Collection
Dannenberg, Konrad K. Collection
David, Charles E. Collection
Downey, James Collection
Dreger, Alvin Collection
Dunaway, William Collection
Explorer I Collection 
Forward, Robert L. Collection
Friends of German Culture Collection
Fullerton, Larry Collection
Geissler, Ernst Collection
Glenn, John Collection
Glenn L. Martin Company Collection
Goldsmith-Schiffman Papers
Gravity Probe A Collection
Gravity Probe B Collection
Hamm, Jane A. Collection
Hammond, Walter Collection
Harris, George Washington – Diary
Harrison Brothers Hardware Records
Heimburg, Karl Collection
Heller, Gerhard B. Collection
Hermann, Rudolf Collection
Hilten, Heinz Collection
Hinrichs, Holm Collection
Hoelzer, Helmut Collection
Horn, Helmut Collection
Holderer, Oscar Collection
Huber, Bill Collection
Human Factors Collection
Huntsville Housing Authority Records
Huntsville Literary Association Collection
Huntsville Music History Collection
International Space Center Collection
Jacobi, Walter W. Collection
Jayroe, R.R. Collection

Jones, Bill Collection
Jones, Charles Orr Collection
Jones, Harvie P. Architectural Collection
Jones, Jack Collection
Jones, John Rison, Jr. Collection
Jones, Robert E. "Bob" Collection
Kimball, Arthur A. Collection
Klauss, Ernst Karl Collection
Koelle, Heinz Hermann Collection
Kramer, Saunders B. Collection
Krause, Helmut Collection
Kroeger, Hermann Collection
Kuberg, Willi Karl Collection
Kuers, Werner Collection

Lancaster, Ronald Collection
Lecture Series on Civil Rights in Alabama 1954-1965

Ley, Willy Collection
Lindstrom, Robert Collection
Lonergan, Joel Collection
Ludewig, Hermann Collection
Lunar Roving Vehicle Collection
Lundquist, Charles A. Collection
Lusser, Robert Collection
Marshall Space Flight Center Organizational Charts
Mauldin, Charles Collection
Mayer Collection 
McBrayer, Robert O. Collection
McCanless, Christel L. Collection 
McCanless, George F., Jr. Collection
McNichols, J.L. Collection
Medaris, General John B. Collection
Microgravity Collection
Mitchell, Kenny Collection
Monte Sano Historical Collection
Monte Sano United Methodist Church Lunar Communion
Morea, Saverio "Sonny" Collection
Mrazek, William Collection
Mt. Paran Campground and Cemetery Collection
NASA Space Shuttle Collection
NASA Space Station and Space Shuttle History in Photographs and Artist Drawings
Naumann, Robert J. Collection
Newby, David H. Collection
Nickerson, Col. John C., Jr. Collection
Nörenberg, Hildegard Collection
Odom, James B. Collection
Oral History Collection
Paludan, Dr. Ted Collection
Pauli, Fritz Karl Collection
Pfaff, Helmuth Collection
Pittman, William C. Collection
Rankin, John P. Collection
Reisig, Gerhard Collection
Research Park Collection
Rieder, Margaret Collection
Roberts, Barney H. "Ace" Collection
Roberts, Frances Cabaniss Collection
Roth, Melissa Collection
Rudolph, Arthur Louis Hugo Collection
Rutland, Cary Collection
Salmon, M. Louis Colleciton
Saturn History Project Collection
Saturn V Collection

Saturn V Inboard Profile
Scharnowski, Heinz Collection
Schlidt, Dorette Collection
Schulze, William August Collection
Scottsboro Boys Trial Clippings
Sieber, Werner Collection
SkyLab Collection
SkyLab Earth Resources Film
SkyLab Photograph Collection
Smith, James Croley Collection of Athens, Alabama Sketches
Snoddy, William Slide Collection
Space City Collection
Space Science Laboratory Preprint Series
Spacelab Collection
Spencer, Bob Collection
Stennis Space Center Collection
Steurer, Wolfgang Collection

Struck, Heinz Collection
Stuhlinger, Dr. Ernst Recognition Collection
Stuhlinger, Ernst Collection

Tessmann, Bernhard Collection
Thomson, Lawrence J. Collection
Tiller, John Collection
Twickenham Historic District Association Collection
Vann, T. Herman Collection

Van Valkenburgh, Wilfred R. Collection
Varnedoe, William W. Collection
Vaughan Map Collection 
Vaughan, William W. Collection
Von Braun Astronomical Society Collection
von Braun, Wernher Collection
von Pragenau, George Landwehr Collection
Wagner, Hermann Rudolf Collection
Walker, Mary Beth Collection
Ward, R.J. (Bob) Jr. Collection
Waring, Stephen Collection
Young, Anthony Collection
Zettler-Seidel, Phillip Wolfgang Collection