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UAH Special Collections Digital Collections Portal

Use this link to connect to the UAH Special Collections Digital Portal. We are currently adding more content to this database and it will form the core of our digital collections. You can search our digitized material here, including photographs, documents, oral histories, and more.

Frances Roberts Collection Search

Collection of Dr. Frances Cabaniss Roberts

Search the Frances Cabaniss Roberts Collection.

Dr. Frances Cabaniss Roberts was born December 19, 1916 in Gainesville, Alabama, a daughter of Richard H. and Mary (Watson) Roberts. She graduated from Livingston State College, B.S. in 1937; University of Alabama M.A., 1940, PhD, 1956. Her professional career began as a public school teacher in Sumter County, Alabama and then Huntsville, Alabama, 1937-1952; University of Alabama, Huntsville, instructor 1953-56; assistant professor, 1956-59; associate professor, 1959-61; professor of history beginning in 1961 until her retirement on August 31, 1980. 

Archives/Special Collections Access Restrictions: None
Publication Rights: Property rights reside with the repository.
Provenance: Gift of Johanna Shields on October 28, 2006. 

From 2016-Present a group of volunteers scanned and indexed the materials in the Roberts Collection, and created a database to house the materials. The collection search is the result if their substantial and sustained effort to make local history more accessible.


Saturn V Collection

The Saturn History Documentation was collected by the grant funded "Saturn History Project," active at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, beginning in 1968 and terminating before the intended book emerged. Robert E. Bilstein, a member of the research group, published a book which comes closest to substituting for the originally intended book: Stages to Saturn: a technological history of the Apollo/Saturn launch vehicles (Washington, DC: Scientific and Technical Information Branch [of the] National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA SP-4206).

Special Collections  holds items pertaining to the the Saturn V project, from 1940-1976. These items provide documentation for an official history of the Saturn Project, with materials ranging from working papers to published NASA reports, from early Army missile development to the Apollo moon landings, and arranged chronologically and indexed by subject categories.

Search selected Project Files

UAH Photographs


The UAH Archives and Special Collections Department has a large collection of campus building and event photographs dating from the founding of the university. Because many photographs are unidentified, it is very helpful if patrons can visit the archives to review, scan, and save the images themselves. We have a laptop and scanner available for researchers to use.

Selected photographs from our collection are available in a searchable digital database. You can view them here.

Transplanted Rocket Pioneers

The information in this dataset is reproduced from Charles Lundquist's 2014 monograph Transplanted Rocket Pioneers. The information includes biographical and professional information that he compiled to produce the book. Each individual represented in the dataset also has a vertical file in the Lundquist Collection at UAH. 

The first time mankind left the Earth and worked on another body in the Solar System will undoubtedly be one of the few events of the twentieth century that will be remembered in the future. Transplanted Rocket Pioneers is a recognition of the early members of the von Braun rocket team, many of whom were key players in the successful moon landing. Many historians conclude that the lunar missions of the Apollo Program could not have been possible without the leadership and experience provided by a corps of engineers, scientists and managers transplanted from Europe to the Unites States after World War II. This fact motivated Dr. Lundquist to deposit this work in the Archives of the Library at the University of Alabama in Huntsville by assembling a file on each of the individuals who came from Europe to participate in the rocketry activities in Huntsville, or, in a few cases, individuals who had other ties to Huntsville.

This dataset includes a standard one-page summary sheet for each subject. Although most sheets are relatively complete, some data are still missing.

The first two lines on each page records fundamental identification information:

Family name   Date of birth   Place of birth  Given names   Date of death    Place of death

The next standard entry is a statement of the extent of the Archives Holdings, either i) A primary collection of documents housed in one or more banker boxes, ii) A secondary collection in a standard archive box, or iii) a file folder. Next, if there is an oral or video history for the individual, this fact is noted. A statement about the highest education levels of the individual follows. The next five entries, in chronological order, record whether the individual participated in activities at five sites:

1. Raketenflugplatz-Kummersdorf: Individuals engaged in the activities at these sites of early rocket development experiments sponsored first by VfR and subsequently by the German Army.

2Peenemünde: Included here are individuals who participated in Peenemünde programs under several auspices, including as Army civilian employees, as members of the German military, as contractor employees on site or visiting as needed, and as university employees collaborating as required.

3Fort Bliss: Individuals who were brought to Fort Bliss from 1945 to 1950.

4. GMDD-ABMA: Individuals who came to Huntsville, Alabama to work for the US Army rocket programs in the decade 1950 to 1960.

5th MSFC: Individuals who were employed by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in the 1960s.

Some people had various relationships with UAH and that is so noted. Additionally, a statement of immigration details is noted if pertinent. Finally, a great variety of incidental information is included under Incidental Remarks.

UAH Special Collections welcomes additions of biographical materials to the vertical file in the Charles Lundquist Collection. Please note that the work is that of Dr. Lundquist and may contain errors or omissions which are solely the product of his work on the project, as noted in the introduction of the work. We will strive to make factual corrections to the online copy when necessary.


UAH Theses and Dissertations

A copy of all extant theses and dissertations completed at the University before 2013 are housed in the library archives. Archives currently holds over 2,000 volumes in this area. The library also provides a copy of most theses for circulation. To find a thesis or dissertation in the Salmon library, you must have the Library of Congress call number. To find this number, or to create a list of publications from a certain department on campus, such as history, go to the Library Catalog and perform the following search:

history and thesis AND huntsville

Make certain you are using the Library Catalog search. Two locations will be given for each thesis, Archives and the stacks. If the stacks copy is not available, access to the archives copy is available during regular Archives hours. The archives copy cannot circulate.

To searchfor the full text of a thesis from 2013 to the present, go to the UAH Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection.