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COVID-19: Avoiding Misinformation and Conducting Credible Research

This guide intends to offer a bit of guidance on where to look for credible information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as how to avoid misinformation where possible.

State, Civic, & Other Local Authority

  • Alabama Department of Public Health
    • The ADPH offers information on the state's responses to COVID-19, including information for healthcare providers, patients, and data visualizations to track COVID-19's impact at the state and county level. There are also printable materials available to raise awareness of state-level mandates, as well as information and guidance from a variety of departments, such as Commerce or Veterans Affairs.
      • Gain perspective on state level issues, monitor which external resources the state has chosen to promote during the pandemic, compare local data with national/international visualizations 
  • Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce
    • Updated information regarding the county and city's recommendations as they relate to State and Federal guidelines, as well as insights from local allied health professionals.
      • Information on status of businesses and services available (restaurants, emergency care, local medical professionals
  • CDC List of State Health Department Websites
    • Prepared by the CDC, this is a list of all state level health department websites. Each one offers localized information on the impact of COVID-19 on their region.
      • Compare state responses to the pandemic/what they choose to promote
  • University of Alabama System COVID-19 Dashboard
    • Updates from across the UA system reporting testing, positive cases, and other useful data
      • Gain insights into the impact of COVID-19 on each of the campuses