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COVID-19: Avoiding Misinformation and Conducting Credible Research

This guide intends to offer a bit of guidance on where to look for credible information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as how to avoid misinformation where possible.

All Information Has Value...

As you dive into the process of seeking out information, remember to reflect on the need you have and the terms you are using to fulfill that need. Are you seeking scientifically verifiable information? Look to academic journals or databases, especially those provided by Salmon Library. Need to better understand some of the arguments people throughout the country are having about the pandemic? Maybe a web search for more popular opinion sources, or even a database for that purpose via the library like Opposing Viewpoints. Explore as many (seemingly) disparate sources as possible to round out your research, reflect and evaluate each in the context of your research query. Some are valuable for the verifiable data within, others valuable for contextualizing the political, social, or psychological behaviors throughout the crisis. Each contribute value, but it is up to the researcher to synthesize the relevant information into a narrative, persuasive, or exploratory piece of their own.