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EH 102_Noletto: Researching Community

This guide provides a quick reference for a variety of resources, tools, and strategies to aid you while exploring your topics. Use this to get started, but we encourage you to reach out to a librarian to learn more and workshop your topics as needed!

Databases to kickstart your research

Below you will find a few recommended databases based on general areas of topical interest. Aside from using Pathfinder (Search the Library), it might prove useful to identify and explore specific databases (curated collections of journals or books devoted to a particular discipline or multidisciplinary scope) as well. In general, for many topics, we recommend exploring a few of our more multidisciplinary tools such as Sage Journals or Academic Search Complete to peruse a fairly robust subset of journals on a variety of topics. However, it is often useful to hone in on particular subject areas when you seek a particular academic voice or professional expertise. 

Aside from the handful listed below, we strongly encourage that you follow up with a librarian for a more customized recommendation list, depending on your topic. If you find yourself struggling to locate enough relevant resources, or find your research process is too homogenous, reach out to one of the librarians for guidance!

Database Recommendations

General, multidisciplinary databases for researching topics in community. You will likely find at least a few articles here on most topics, but not all:


Suggested databases for researching community in the context of the psychology or mental well being of community members:



Suggested databases for researching community within the context of environmental impact:


Suggested databases for researching community within the context of socioeconomics, civil rights, or other social/human relations topics:


Suggested databases for researching community within the context of Education:

Recommended Journals for Searching

Look for the "Search Inside" Box within each of the below journals, and search for your topic. You might try searching on the terms accompanying the "community" element, such as searching for: food deserts, parental/maternity healthcare, religious communities, etc.

  • Journal of Community Health: Search within for information on public/community health issues; physical, mental, emotional.
  • Journal of Community PsychologySearch here for topics on the impact of various communal environments on mental well-being and quality of life. You might try searching here for things like: workplace diversity, religion, college students, etc.
  • Journal of Community & Applied Psychology: Search here on a variety of topics on communal life and well being, such as: climate change, "social media", art and community, etc.