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EH 102_Noletto: Researching Community

This guide provides a quick reference for a variety of resources, tools, and strategies to aid you while exploring your topics. Use this to get started, but we encourage you to reach out to a librarian to learn more and workshop your topics as needed!

Domain Searching on the Web

When using a browser like Google, try and turn that experience into a more controlled experience with domain searching

For example, check out this search in Google for: sports AND identity AND adolescence

This is a decent result list, but if we are seeking out particular voices or authorities on a subject, it might be better to refine that search a bit by limiting which domain types Google is retrieving. Try adding the following to your web searches:, or, or There are other domain types, but these are very common in a Google search. 

Notice what happens when we run the modified search below: 

sports AND identity AND adolescence

You can see that each of these resources pulls from some government agency or entity. So, while I can't know just from running the search if these are all academic sources, I can feel confident that I am viewing a certain type of research or publication voice. In this case, government data that might be primary statistical data from the CDC, or even analyses and interpretations of that data in a peer-reviewed journal. 

If I tried the above search with a different domain limiter, such as, what do you suppose we might find? Try it yourself and consider what you are reading in the context of this topic. Who wrote this, what was its purpose, what does the layout/vocabulary used throughout the piece tell me about its intended audience?

Try these same techniques with your own search terms and topics to see what's out there!