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EH 103 Spring 2024 Instruction Guide

Connecting a Microphone

  1. Plug the microphone into your computer and open Audacity
  2. On the tool bar at the top of the screen, select Audio Setup 
  3. Click or hover your mouse over Recording Device
  4. Click on the name of your microphone from the available options. If your computer doesn't have a built in microphone or any other microphones plugged in, your microphone may already be selected, which will be indicated by a checkmark next to it's name.


  1. Once you're ready to begin recording, click the red circle button from the buttons at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. A new track and audio clip will appear on your screen as you record. The clip will continue to grow onscreen as you continue recording. The flat or nearly flat lines indicate silence or speaking too softly for the microphone to pick up, while the waves indicate sound the microphone picked up. The larger the wave's height, the louder the sound the microphone picked up. 
  3. To end the recording, press the black square Stop button. Pressing the record button afterwards will create a new audio clip on the same track.
  4. To pause recording, press the black double bar button. To resume recording, press the same button again. When you resume recording, it will do so in the same audio clip and however long the paused button was pressed will not be included in the final clip.