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Vocal Studies

Books, websites, music, lyrics, translations, etc. for vocal studies


Journals at UAH

This is not a complete list of journals that cover the voice, opera and singing.  You will want to check the A to Z listing of journals.  You can search by title to locate the journals.

1. American Choral Review

2. Cambridge Opera Journal

3. Choir and Organ

4. Folk Music Journal

5. International Journal of Search in Choral Singing

6. Journal of Singing

7. Journal of Voice

8. Lied und populäre kultur : jarbuch des deutschen volksliedarchives Freiberg

9. Opera Canada

10. Opera News

11. Opera Quarterly 

12. Senza Sordino

13. Sing Out

14. State Songs

You can also browse the journal by the subject of music.