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Vocal Studies

Books, websites, music, lyrics, translations, etc. for vocal studies

Subjects to use for searching

To locate vocal music you can browse the shelves under the LC Class Number of  M1495 to M2199.

Or, you can search the library catalog under the subject heading of VOCAL MUSIC.

Under VOCAL MUSIC you'll find collections of vocal music of various types, including sacred works, secular works, solo vocal music, works for chorus, works with and without  accompaniment; etc. Collections of a specific type are entered under headings such as Cantatas; Choruses;     Choruses, Sacred; Community music; Masses; Songs; etc.

You can also search the library catalog under the subject heading of SONGS.

Other subject  terms to use for locating vocal music:

          Lyric Poetry


          Campaign Songs

         Children's Songs

          Folk Songs

          Hunting Songs

          Jazz Vocals

          National Songs

          Sacred Songs

          Sea Songs

          Solo Cantatas Secular

          Song Cycles


          Student Songs


          War Songs

          Work Songs


Websites of Vocal Music

Most of these sites offer free downloading of music.