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English Language Learners

Are you just starting to learn English? Are you looking for ways to improve your language skills? Browse through this guide and you'll find lots of tools and resources to help you.

Using Call Numbers to Browse the Shelves

The call number is the number on the spine of a book.  It acts as the book's "address" and tells you where you can find the book on the library's shelves.  


 At UAH, books are arranged on the shelves by call number, according to the Library of Congress Classification System.  

In general, you'll find books on the same topic shelved close together. If you know the general area for your topic, you can browse the shelves in that area for similar books.

Where to Look: American Life and Customs

For books on American life and customs, try the following call numbers:

   GT  Customs & manners

   BJ 1850's  Etiquette

   G 149-180  United States (geography/travel)

   E 171-183.9  United States (history)

Where to Look: English Grammar and Usage

To find books on various aspects of English language learning, browse the shelves for the following call numbers:  

PE  English language

PE 1135  Standard American English spelling and pronunciation

PE 1625-1628  Dictionaries of standard English

PE 1128  English grammar

PE 1460  Standard English usage

PE 1408  Academic writing

You will also find a variety of bilingual dictionaries in the P area.

       PC 2640 French/English

       PC 4640 Spanish/English

       PL 679 Japanese/English

       PG 2640 Russian/English

       PL 1455 Chinese/English

       PL 6318 Turkese/English

       PL 937 Korean/English

Where to Looks: Easy Reading Texts

The public library is a good source of high interest/low reading level materials, and has a collection of easy reading picture books These can be an excellent starting place for beginning readers of English.

If you're having trouble finding a book to suit your interests and reading level, ask at the desk.  We'll be happy to help.