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English Language Learners

Are you just starting to learn English? Are you looking for ways to improve your language skills? Browse through this guide and you'll find lots of tools and resources to help you.


The recent issues of these newspapers are found in the Coffee Shop area.  Older issues may be found on Microfilm or in one of the Online Databases.

What is a Periodical?

On this page we talk about magazines, journals, and newspapers.  You'll also find the word periodical being used. 

A periodical is a publication that is issued or published at regular intervals (or "periodically").  This could be every day, once a week, once a month, or once every few months.  Periodicals usually consist of a collection of articles. 

Magazines, journals, and newspapers are all examples of periodicals.  Periodicals are also sometimes referred to as serials.

Newspapers (Print)

Reading a daily newspaper is a great way to improve your language skills.  The library subscribes to a number of print newspapers which are available for you to read in the library.

Articles from many national, regional, local, and international newspapers are available through the UAH online databases.