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ED-331 : Critical Issues in Special Education

Books, Databases, Court cases, websites that deal with Special Education issues.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

You can browse the shelves in these call number ranges to find additional books.

KF = United States Law

KF 3740 to 3762 = Educational Law

LC = Special Aspects of Educcation

LC 3950 to 48065 = Exceptional children and youth (Special Education)

LC 4001 to 4806.5 = Children and youth with disabilities; Learning disable children and youth

Hints for searching

Searching the Library catalog.

When searching for books about the law and legislation for Special Education, try these subject terms.

1. Children with disabilities Education Law and Legislation United States

2. Children with mental disabilities

3. Children with social disabilities Education

4. Discrimination in Education Law and Legislation

5. Exceptional children Legal status, laws, etc.

6. Handicapped children Education Law and Legislation United Sates

7. Individualized education programs Law and legislation United States

8. Learning disabled children Legal status, laws, etc. United States

9. Mentally handicapped children Education United States

10. Right to education

11. Right to Education United States

12. Socially handicapped children Education Law and Legislation 

13. Special Education – Law and legislation – United States

14. United States. Education for All Handicapped Children Act

15. United States. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

16. Youth with mental disabilities

Additional Subject Terms

Here are some broader subject terms to use when searching the Library Catalog.

1. Children with disabilities  Education United States

2. Children with disabilities Education Handbooks, manuals, etc.

3. Education equalization

4. Handicapped children Education United States 

5. Inclusive education

6. Mentally handicapped children Education United States

7. Mentally handicapped children United States

8. Special Education

9. Special Education Handbooks, manuals, etc.

10. Special Education Parent Participation 

11. Special Education United States

12. Special Education United States Encyclopedias

13. Special Education United States Handbooks, manuals, etc.