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EGR 101 (Engineering 101)

Information and resources for UAH students in the EGR 101 course (formerly ENG 101).


This web page contains information for UAH students enrolled in the ENG 101 "INTRO COMPUTING ENGINEERS" course.

The undergraduate course catalog describes ENG 101 as follows:

Introduces students to the fundamental principles of programming for solving engineering problems. It familiarizes students with the process of computational thinking and the translation of real-life engineering to computational problems. Languages may include Matlab, Python, and others as appropriate. 

“Engineering (ENG) < UAH - University of Alabama in Huntsville.” [Online]. Available: [Most Recently Accessed: 18-Oct-2021].

Thus, it may help to know where you can find more information about these types of programming languages and software (including MS ExcelMATLAB, Python).



Please note that the course catalog (linked above) still refers to Engineering 101 as "ENG 101".


However, it appears that the course nomenclature is in a transition to being renamed as "EGR 101" for the same course.


Thus, during this transitional period, the title and link for this guide have been corrected to "EGR 101", but the text above still refers to "ENG 101". 


Thank you for your patience.

Additional Engineering Pages

The UAH Library has additional pages for Engineering students.  These may be of use in later classes.