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EGR 101 (Engineering 101)

Information and resources for UAH students in the EGR 101 course (formerly ENG 101).


The NIH Library * describes Python as:

an open source, object-oriented programming language, particularly well-suited for scientific computing because of its extensive ecosystem of scientific libraries and environments.

L. Federer, “LibGuides: Data Sciences Workstation: Anaconda/Python,” 02-Mar-2016. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 25-May-2016].

Within the UAH Library (LIB), Python 3.10 is available on the Windows PCs on the first floor.  (You can view the full software list for those PCs here.)

* NOTE: It appears that the NIH Library has reorganized their website, and removed this page. If needed, a version of this page as stored on the Internet Archive can be accessed here.

O'Reilly Resources

In addition to the other Excel resources listed on this page, UAH students and employees also have access to the O'Reilly for Higher Education database.

For more information, see the O'Reilly sub-page here (link).

UAH Library books & e-books about Python

The UAH Library contains numerous books and e-books about Python. In three helpful links:

  • Click here to perform your own search in the UAH Primo Pathfinder discovery system.
  • Click here to view a complete list of UAH Library books and e-books about Python.
  • Click here to view a list of UAH Library e-books about Python.

You can also view the e-books subject guide here for more information about e-books in the library collection.

Please note that the following list contains only a few of the titles available in the UAH Library.  You can click on each title to go to the record for that book (either to see whether the print book is available, or to view the e-book).

If your search does not find enough results, you can contact the library's Research Help Desk for assistance. (Contact info can be found on the Ask Us Anything! page.)

Again, you can click here for a complete list of UAH Library books and e-books about Python.