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World Languages and Cultures

Resources useful for research on world languages and cultures, including foreign languages & literature.

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Finding World Language E-books Available Through the UAH Library

The UAH Library uses Primo Pathfinder as its discovery system - meaning that Primo Pathinder provides access to books, dissertations, theses, journal articles, and many, many more different kinds of resources.


Within Primo Pathfinder, it is possible to use the "Library Catalog" search feature to look specifically for things that are NOT journal articles (numerically, those are the largest section of the materials included in Primo Pathfinder), including the wide collections of e-books that may be helpful in your research. You can click here to search Primo Pathfinder.


It is also possible to use the 'language' filter on the Advanced Search page to look for materials that are tagged with the code for a specific language.*


That is to say, the following links will return the e-book materials in the UAH Library for each language:

You can also view the e-books subject guide here for more information about e-books in the library collection.

* Please note that professional library cataloging rules say that materials should include the language that the work is in, AND - if it is a translation - the language of the original material. (Alternately, for video materials, it should include the language codes of any of the alternate languages for subtitles and/or for dubbing.) That is to say, some of the results in the links above may be for English-language translations from works in another language.

In addition, this page also lists a few of the e-books in the UAH Library.  You can click on each title to go to the record for that e-book, in order to view the e-book.

E-book dictionaries

Ebsco eBook Collection



Please note that many of the e-books in DOAB are in English, but there are also many more titles in foreign languages. The following are just examples of some of the e-books that can be found in these collections:

Again, the above list of e-books are just examples* of some of the e-books that can currently be found in DOAB.


* - Although DOAB has more titles in other languages, please note that the 4 Japanese titles given above are currently (March 19, 2021) the only titles in DOAB that are currently tagged as being in Japanese.