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World Languages and Cultures

Resources useful for research on world languages and cultures, including foreign languages & literature.

Finding World Language Serial Publications Available Through the UAH Library

In order to find journals and other periodicals available through the UAH Library, you may want to use the Journals tile from the library homepage (  This will bring you to the "Journal Search" page in Primo Pathfinder, where you can look for a specific journal title.

Alternately, you could use the 'advanced search' screen in the Primo Pathfinder discovery system, where it is possible to use the 'language' filter to look for materials that are tagged with the code for a specific language.*


That is to say, the following links will return the journals and other serials available through the UAH Library for each language:

You can then use the filters to further narrow down your results.


* Please note that professional library cataloging rules say that materials should include the language that the work is in, AND - if it is a translation - the language of the original material. And for works that have some content in English and other content in other languages, each of those language codes will be included. (Alternately, for video materials, it should include the language codes of any of the alternate languages for subtitles and/or for dubbing.) That is to say, some of the results in the links above may include content in English or in another language.