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World Languages and Cultures

Resources useful for research on world languages and cultures, including foreign languages & literature.

Research Help Desk

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the LIB building is currently closed. For the most up-to-date info, see the UAH COVID-19 and Continuity of Library Services to Our Students pages.

During the closure, you can still reach us for your research questions and general reference help:

  • LibChat is on many library web pages and databases, available  Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • The best way to reach us outside of those hours is at
  • For in-depth help, request a 1-on-1 Research Consultation to speak with a librarian on a preferred day and time (generally in the same Mon-Fri 9am-5pm range, though exceptions might be possible). We have a variety of tools (including Zoom and Google Hangouts) for "face to face" video conferencing.

Spring update

NOTE: For the Summer 2020 semester, access to digital resources and online services will be the primary way that the UAH Library can assist our students. Thus, the print books have been removed from the following list. (This ONLY includes e-book / online titles.) For more information about how the UAH Library can assist you during this period, please see the page here on Continuity of Library Services to Our Students.

The UAH Library contains many e-books that may be helpful in your research. You can click here to search the UAH Primo Pathfinder discovery system.

You can also view the e-books subject guide here for more information about e-books in the library collection.

Please note that the following list contains only a few of the e-books in the UAH Library.  You can click on each title to go to the record for that e-book, in order to view the e-book.

If your search does not find enough results, you can contact the library's Research Help Desk for help. (Contact info can be found on the Ask Us Anything! page.)

E-book dictionaries

JSTOR e-book trial (Spring 2020)

The UAH Library is trying out a temporary trial project in conjunction with JSTOR, to provide access to their legacy e-book collection (with over 47,000 e-books). In addition, JSTOR has turned on access to an additional 37,000 e-books during the campus closure period for the Spring semester. Although the first set of e-books can be accessed either from Primo Pathfinder or within JSTOR, please note that the second group of e-books can only be accessed within JSTOR. (Thus, if you have the habit of searching in Primo Pathfinder for e-books, it may be advisable to repeat any searches directly in JSTOR.)

Note that this trial project will run for the rest of this spring semester, and will be turned off at the end of June. That is to say, the following e-books may appear in your searching over the next couple of months.


Please note that most of these e-books are in English, but there are some titles that are in foreign languages.


The following are just examples of some of the e-books that can be found in these collections - but only during this temporary period:

Again, the above list of e-books are just examples of some of the e-books that can temporarily be found in JSTOR.

Ebsco eBook Collection

National Emergency Library