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Library & Research Readiness Series for Canvas Commons

This series contains modules for use in Canvas course shells. Each module is dedicated to exploring information literacy and/or library use topics, each intended to offer an asynchronous method of delivering content to prepare students for academic resear

Plagiarism & Citations

This module (Library & Research Readiness: Plagiarism & Citations) has the following Goals and Learning Outcomes:

After completing this module, students will:

  1. Understand the reasons why sources should be cited.
  2. Be aware of accidental plagiarism, to avoid it.
  3. Be able to access additional resources - through the UAH Library and elsewhere - for further information about properly citing sources.

It was built with the following components:

  • Goals for the module (student learning outcomes)
  • A video recording (13 minutes) of the library presentation on plagiarism & citations.
  • The Powerpoint slides of the library presentation (above) on plagiarism & citations.
  • A copy of the Plagiarism 101 handout from the SSC (from 2019).
  • A link to a 3rd-party video (4 minutes) that continues the discussion about avoiding accidental plagiarism.
  • A bibliography with a list of the works cited from the library presentation (above) and with links for additional reading.
  • A 5-question multiple-choice quiz (a 5-point practice quiz in Canvas) to assess student retention of this information.
  • A link to a brief online feedback survey, so that students can share their feedback with the Library.

If you have any questions about this module or any of the other Library & Research Readiness modules in Canvas Commons, please contact both and

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